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How to make EntroPay work for you....

The first thing that you need to do is sign up for your EntroPay account. You can get information about signing up for your account by clicking here. Once you have signed up for your account, you will need to create a virtual VISA card so that you may add funds to your account and start using it.

Although EntroPay allows you to create a virtual VISA card, it is not the same as an actual credit card where you spend money based on borrowing credit from the company that you have opened your account with; it simply allows you to create a prepaid VISA so that you will be able to have your money available to you for use at the various online casinos [Click here to see a list of online casinos that accept EntroPay!] and other merchants that accept VISA.

When using your EntroPay virtual VISA card, it is important to know what your balance is, or you will not be able to complete your transactions if there is insufficient funds. Check your balance often by going to EntroPay.com and logging into your account. Should you find that your account is running low, you may add another account to fund it from or continue using the same one that you initially set it up with. Once you have added the funds to your virtual VISA, you can begin using it again immediately!

EntroPay virtual VISAs may also be used for over the phone purchases. They are accepted anywhere that VISA is accepted and allow you the convenience of having a credit card without having to add more bulk to your wallet.

Paying online with your EntroPay virtual VISA is fast and hassle-free. And in the event that your card needs to be re-credited for a purchase that you have made with it, the funds will be returned to your EntroPay account so that you may use them for another purchase or return the money to your funding source.

In order to ensure that your EntroPay accounts stay safe and secure, remember to never leave your personal account information laying about and never give it to others. As with any account information, whether it is used for online casinos or just your everyday purchases, it is important that you keep it in a safe place where others may not use it without your knowledge or permission.

Once you have your EntroPay account set up, you may begin using this newly welcomed payment method and enjoy the ease of using your very own EntroPay virtual VISA.

After you click on any of the casinos on this site and sign-up, you will select the option to deposit with your EntroPay virtual VISA. [Helpful Tip: Try to use the same address each time you use your EntroPay card(s) so that you keep the address for the card consistent in case you are using a merchant that bills to a set address. EntroPay does not keep track of your billing address for the merchants, so it doesn't have to be your actual billing address if you do not want it to be.]

Please note that due to United States legislation, EntroPay will not facilitate the funding of a gambling transaction for any person located within the boundaries of the United States or its insular areas.