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Do you have more questions about EntroPay?

Perhaps the list of commonly asked questions below may help!
What if I would like to use EntroPay, but I don't have a credit/debit card to fund my account with?

You'll be just fine because EntroPay now offers the bank transfer option! With the bank transfer option you will be able to deposit money onto your virtual VISA card and withdraw it back to your personal bank account.

May I have more than one EntroPay account?

The answer is no. The reason for it is that you are able to create multiple virtual VISA cards and use multiple funding sources to fund those cards, so there is no need to have more than one EntroPay account.

Are the merchants that I pay with my EntroPay virtual VISA able to see my personal information?

No, they are not. In fact, when you fill out your personal information on the web site that you are using your card with, you don't even have to use your actual name or personal address in the billing information that you give. However, we do recommend that you take EntroPay's advice about choosing to use your actual personal information, that way you won't have any problems if the merchant/payee needs to manually verify your information.

Is my information safe?

Yes. Your information is as safe as it can be when you submit information over the internet to EntroPay's web site, or any of the casinos that you choose to play at that are listed on this site. Personal information is mainly used for verification purposes whilst dealing with the funding and other needs of your EntroPay account.

Can I use my EntroPay virtual VISA like a credit card?

This is a two part answer:
  1. Yes, it does have the VISA symbol and may be used wherever VISA is accepted online or over the phone, as though it were an actual credit card. (It is similar to a check/debit card that you may get from your bank.)
  2. No, it does not come with a line of credit as actual credit cards do, so you may not use it when you haven't funded the card.

Are there any fees that I should be aware of?

Yes, there are a small list of fees that you may view by clicking on here or on the Fees section of this web site.

All fees charged are clearly listed and there are no annual or monthly fees for keeping an account with EntroPay.

Is there a waiting period between the time that I open my account and am actually able to use it?

No, there is not. You may start using your EntroPay account once you have created you virtual VISA and funded the account.

How do I report issues that I may come into on EntroPay's web site?

If you have any issues while using EntroPay's web site, you will need to contact their support center which you will find in their menu options.

Does my virtual VISA expire?

Yes, but not in the sense that a credit card VISA would. For your safety and security, virtual VISAs will expire after a month of inactivity. To reactivate the VISA, simply load funds onto the card.

What if I have more questions that are not answered here?

If you have more questions about EntroPay, go to their web site to speak to them directly.

Please note that due to United States legislation, EntroPay will not facilitate the funding of a gambling transaction for any person located within the boundaries of the United States or its insular areas.