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What are the benefits of having an EntroPay account?

  • Your personal statements for the accounts that you fund the card from will only show "EntroPay UK"

  • EntroPay has 24/7 online support

  • Merchants/Payees are only able to debit from what you load onto the card

  • The card is issued and controlled from a bank in the European Union

  • You can load additional funds to your card(s) at any time

  • The card is accepted anywhere that VISA is accepted online or over the phone

  • You don't risk carrying a plastic card around with you that may get lost or stolen

  • The merchant/payee that you choose to use your card with is unable to see any of your personal information

  • Your card is certified by the UK Financial Services Authority

  • There are no yearly membership or hidden costs

  • Transactional fees are minimal and clearly explained

Please note that due to United States legislation, EntroPay will not facilitate the funding of a gambling transaction for any person located within the boundaries of the United States or its insular areas.